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Rollscreen Windows & Doors

Rollscreens for windows & doors

The retractable roll screen windows and doors are very popular and come in both vertical and horizontal options. The horizontal screens make use of magnetic strip to keep it in an extended position, while the vertical screens make use of clips. When released, they retract into a cassette for safe storage when not in use. Should your doorway be wider, e. g. French door, etc. we have just the solution for you, a double Horizontal rollscreen door, 2 rollscreens cassettes on either side of the door, meeting and sealing in the middle.

The rollscreens have a patented viscodynamic brake that ensures the screen retracts evenly and smoothly into the mounted cassette. We supply the vertical rollscreen for the top opening of a stable door which is proving to be very popular with those who like to have air flowing into the kitchen but not wanting to open the whole door.